5 Reasons to Visit Your Vet Regularly

5 Reasons to Visit Your Vet Regularly

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Pets bring an immense amount of joy into our lives. Given that we want our pets to live the healthiest and happiest lives they possibly can, we must take a few steps to ensure the same. As with people, pets require regular health check-ups. Annual or 6-month checkups, alternatively known as “wellness visits” by some, can help catch any potential health issues and give you an idea of your pet’s bodily functions. Prevention is always better than cure, which is why preventive care is important.

Here Are A Few Reasons to Visit Your Veterinarian Regularly.

Your Pet Can Appear Healthy While Not Being So

With their strong immune systems and centuries of evolution gearing them towards survival, common household pets like dogs and cats can appear fine on the surface while having problems internally. Routine checkups can help avoid such circumstances, especially since you’d need to be an animal healthcare specialist to diagnose anything on your own.

Your Vet is a Healthcare Expert

Pet parents, adoring as they may be, lack the necessary expertise to spot potential illnesses in pets. Regular health checkups can remedy this since a veterinarian is a specialist and can spot potential issues by monitoring a set of indicators every visit. A minor swelling may be due to a fall or rough landing, or it may be due to a more serious disease like cancer, which is why it is best to consult a specialist regularly.

A few routine checkups go a long way towards preventing a serious issue. Eye exams can show increased blood pressure, and reveal cancers, and fungal infections. Similarly, while ear infections are common, a vet’s inspection can help treat and prevent a recurring infection. Bad breath can be an indicator of dental decay and disease, and since serious dental issues can evolve into something fatal, it is best to get a checkup and regular tooth cleaning done for your pet.

Checkups Can Help Spare Your Pet Pain

Prevention is better than cure, without a doubt. When your vet evaluates the health of your pet, they are setting a yardstick for your pet’s health, against which they will then be measured on each subsequent visit. The more frequently you visit your vet, the better idea both of you will have about your pet’s health. A vet can also conduct blood tests, stool tests, and urine tests to aid in diagnosing serious conditions in their early stages.

Here are a few issues such tests can help identify ahead of time:

  • Diabetes: Blood and urine tests at annual checkups can identify diabetes and notify you if your pet is in a pre-diabetic state.
  • Anaemia: Anemia is caused by a deficiency of red blood cells, and is important to catch early, as it can be an indicator of tumours, infections, kidney disease, and toxicities.
  • Heartworms: Heartworms are parasites, spread by mosquitos through blood-sucking. For dogs, early detection can ease the road to recovery. For cats, preventive treatment is even more crucial, as there is no safe way of removing heartworms once contracted.

Checkups Help Save Money

As we’ve said numerous times already, much like how prevention is easier than cure, prevention is also far cheaper than cure. Regrettably, given how expensive treatment for serious conditions can be, it is not uncommon for pet owners to be left in a position where they struggle to cover the costs of treatment, especially when the condition requires long-term treatment. Regardless of the disease, illness, or condition, it is always more cost-effective to routinely visit a vet and check for any problems that may arise than it is to eventually treat that problem.

Checkups are Where You can Clear Your Doubts

Few pet parents are certified pet experts, which is why checkups offer you an opportunity to clear your doubts with a licensed medical professional. If you choose a reputed vet and develop a good relationship with them, you’ll have someone who can clear your doubts for you. Such a relationship takes a little time to build, given it will require regular checkups under non-emergency circumstances.

Health checkups are a regular part of life. Much like people, pets require care and regular vet visits to live a healthy and lengthy life. If you ever plan for pet travel, you will need to visit your vet and get a host of tests done, so make sure you have a reliable vet if you embark on international pet travel frequently. Even if you don’t, a health checkup is the best thing you can do to prevent any issues in the future, so make sure you visit your vet on a bi-annual basis.

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