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There are numerous reasons for a person to relocate to a different country. A better quality of life, better employment opportunities, favorable climate, are all motivating factors that may lead to a person swapping their country of birth for a different country to reside in. In such a circumstance, it is only natural to want your family to accompany you, so they may experience the benefits of such a move for themselves. Since pets are akin to family, we make sure no pet is ever left behind, and help facilitate their move. 

As you may know, there are numerous formalities to be fulfilled prior to any movement overseas, as every country has their own set of rules and regulations pertaining to people who are moving in. The same goes for pets; pets have their own unique set of paperwork, health, and safety requirements which must be fulfilled before entry is granted to them.

These requirements and the process to fulfil them are time-consuming and can be a hassle, especially when you are sorting out your own paperwork. Bearing this in mind, Carry My Pet offers best international pet shipping services, so you and your best friend are never apart.

International Pet Relocation Service Includes

International Pet Export

Moving out of the country? We have you covered. We manage every aspect of your international move, from logistics to paperwork and certifications, so you enjoy a buttery-smooth travel experience. We help you meet the necessary export & import criteria, and facilitate your move is a safe and hassle-free manner.

International Pet Import

Need help importing your pet? Fret not. From coordinating with Animal Quarantine and Certification Services for import licenses, to managing international travel and its technicalities, we are here to manage your journey for you, every step of the way.


Within our pet import and export services, we further offer a choice to our pet parents for their convenience and ease-of-access.

Door-to-Door Services

For your convenience, we pick up your pet from your current doorstep, and drop them off at the specified destination doorstep. This service includes every aspect of travel; from picking your pet up in a pet taxi and helping them board a flight, to collecting them and dropping them off at your doorstep, we manage every aspect of travel so you never have to. Pack your bags and leave the rest to us.

Airport-to-Airport Services


From one airport to the next, we manage bookings, crates, transfer, and arrival. When your pet arrives, you can be at the receiving end in the destination airport, ready to resume your joyous lives together. From documentation to immigration, our coordinated team of professionals ensure your pet’s journey is always a happy one

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Frequently Asked Questions

International pet relocations are done in two ways: with your pet arriving in the country as excess baggage, or as manifested cargo. Beyond that, it is a matter of coordinating with multiple government agencies for the necessary paperwork formalities and fulfilling them.

International transfer of pets can be done once you submit the required paperwork to the authorities, and acquire the necessary permits and documents. Once these are in hand, it is a matter of booking your journey and embarking on it.

International pet travel happens via an airline. A plane is the fastest way to cover distances, and since longer travel times are detrimental to a pet’s health, international relocations are conducted in a safe manner via air.

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