Rabies Titre Test

Get Rabies Titre Test With Carry My Pet

Get Rabies Titre Test With Carry My Pet


If you are planning for international pet relocation, there are certain pet import rules and regulations that you need to abide by like microchipping your pet, getting a health certificate etc. for the pet delivery to the destination. Out of many such import requirements, Rabies Titre Test is one such mandatory process to take your pet to any rabies-free country.


What Is Rabies Titre Test?

Rabies Titre test or rabies antibodies test is a means of determining whether your pet dog or cat has received a rabies vaccination, if your pet is immunized against rabies and has enough antibodies to defend against viruses that they’ve already received vaccinations for in the past.


How Can I Get Rabies Titre Test Done for My Pet?

Carry My Pet is one of India’s only pet shipping company involved in successfully conducting Rabies Titre Test for animals through authorized labs around the world. To get your pet Titre test you can consult with one of our pet travel experts.


Why choose Carry My Pet?

  • Our pet transfer company can help you with sample collection from a feasible location in Pan India.
  • Our pet transportation company has collaborated with authorized International labs to conduct the test.
  • Carry My Pet’s pet courier experts understand the pet parent concerns and provide hassle-free and affordable services with a quick turnaround time.


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