Uttar Pradesh: New Guidelines Hold Pet Owners Accountable for Public Conduct of Pets

Uttar Pradesh: New Guidelines Hold Pet Owners Accountable for Public Conduct of Pets


Uttar Pradesh has issued a new set of guidelines pertaining to pets and their conduct I public. Now, pet owners will have to provide the authorities with a declaration or undertaking, stating clearly that the owners will ensure their pets are not a disruptive presence and will not cause the general public any issues. The changes were in accordance with the new guidelines issued by the Uttar Pradesh urban development department.

“The idea is to make dog owners accountable for the actions of their pets,” said Arvind Rao, additional municipal commissioner (animal welfare), Lucknow. “Stray dog lovers will also have to be equally cautious. They will also be held accountable, if they are feeding ferocious dogs”, he said.

The change in guidelines has been issued after a uptick in dog attack cases in public was noticed over the last few months. A senior official commented on the matter, saying “The department drafted a new set of dos and don’ts for pet owners and issues related to registration of dogs.” The official in question has requested to remain unnamed.

Alongside these guidelines, a new set of rules were also issued for RWA’s, breeders, and people who adopt strays in large numbers, and were issued amongst Municipal Commissions and heads of urban bodies this last Monday.

The rules were drafted in collaboration with the Principal secretary of urban development, Amrit Abhijat. The rules must be adhered to by breeders, sellers, shelter operators and individuals, officials stated.

Along with the rules, plans were highlighted. Soon, registration of strays will not require a fee as it does now and will include sterilization and vaccination processes. People and groups adopting five or more stray dogs will now be treated as a shelter home and will have to comply and follow the guidelines outlines by the Animal Welfare Board of India.

The relevant civic bodies will also provide dog owners with a token of registration, which will contain the registration number of the pet, and owner’s details like their name, address and contact numbers, said officials

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