Thailand Opens its 1st Pet-Friendly Theater

Thailand Opens its 1st Pet-Friendly Theater

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Ever dreamt about watching a movie with your pet? That dream is now a reality for residents of Bangkok as the first ever pet-friendly cinema theater.

The movie theater opened its halls to its four-legged patrons with a screening of “The Little Mermaid”, with some pets dressing up in theme-matching costumes for the premier. A 37-year-old man named Mano went to the event with his cat. “We take him to work sometimes. Today is like an experiment,” he said. “We are seeing ‘The Little Mermaid.’ He will enjoy seeing all the fish on the screen.”

Major Cineplex spokesman Narute Jiensnong said the cinema’s concept was similar to child-friendly movie theaters. “In the kid cinemas, kids will be running around screaming or shouting,” he said. “I think pet cinema will be the same. Everyone who comes will own a pet and be understanding (if dogs bark).”

The screening was not open to all though, as a large malamute could not enter the screening due to size limitations. Some pet owners also expressed their reservations, stating “Being zipped up in this cage, I don’t know if that’s enjoyable for the animal,” said a pet parent. “Its so ridiculous dogs are not allowed in (most Bangkok) parks but they can go to a movie or cafe. What comes next, you bring your dog or cat to a massage parlour?”

Pet friendly spaces have been steadily gaining traction since the pandemic, with numerous shared spaces and even specialized areas being opened up to pets.

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