Pune NGOs Host Counselling Sessions for Future Pet Parents

Pune NGOs Host Counselling Sessions for Future Pet Parents

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Pune: Bringing a pet home is a huge responsibility, given that an owner is accountable for their pet. Unfortunately, there are numerous instances of people bringing a pet home only to realize that it doesn’t fit their lifestyle, or it requires major maintenance, and subsequently abandoning the pet or surrendering it to an animal shelter.

To avoid this outcome, animal welfare NGO’s now offer counselling sessions for people considering buying or adopting a pet. Shalaka Mundada, pet trainer and founder of the Petsitters Dog Hostel, initially offered these sessions in 2010 to help pet parent choose the correct dog after three elderly dogs were abandoned at her doorstep.

“In these pre-pet sessions we make suggestions based on the family’s lifestyle, personality types of all members, profession, time they will be able to give the new dog and who the primary care giver will be, among other things. Based on if the family wants to adopt or purchase the puppy, we create a list of breeds for them”, said Mundada.

During the process of curating a list of potential breeds, the visiting families are given guidance about the medical requirements, nutritional requirements, grooming, training, and lifestyle needs of their potential pet choice.

“It’s one thing to say I want a dog, but an entirely different story when you have to take care of them. I know runners who have changed their running schedules because they need to take their dog out for walks in the mornings, and on the other hand, there have been families who have decided against getting a dog after the sessions because they realized it was too much for them to handle,” Mundada said.

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