PMC Introduces Online Registration of Pet Dogs

PMC Introduces Online Registration of Pet Dogs


Pune is home to over one lakh pet dogs, but unfortunately only 5000 of these dogs have licensed certification. Keeping this in mind, the Pune Municipal Corporation  (PMC) has decided to come up with an online portal for all the pet owners where they can apply for licenses.


These licenses will be essential to immune themselves from any legal action. The license certificates issued by PMC are as per the provisions allotted by Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. PMC issues a metal token to every dog that has been licensed along with a card with rules that must be followed by the pet owners or handlers. The charges of the same are 500/- (INR) per dog. In case any citizens files a report against any of the pet dogs and during the investigation the pet is found to be not licenses, PMC has the power to register an case against the pet owner.


As per the new decision, the pet owners will be required to apply for a pet license every year under which they will have to submit a copy of the Rabies vaccine, residential address, a photograph of the pet, property tax payment receipt and a NOC issued by the housing society. Along with this, the pet owner will also have to submit an affidavit that states – the dog will not be left open in public places other than owned by the pet parent; the pet will not hurt anyone and the face of the pet should be covered with a net mask; the pet must not be taken out in public places for defecating out in the open.


This has now become a necessity. As reported by Sarika Punde, Veterinary superintendent of PMC, “People own various breeds of dogs but fail to take the license certificates. We should have discipline in handling pet dogs to maintain hygienic conditions and safety of citizens.”

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