Mumbai: Unregistered Pet Shops Can Now Lose License

Mumbai: Unregistered Pet Shops Can Now Lose License

Mumbai Unregistered Pet Shops Can Now Lose License

The Animal Husbandry Department in Mumbai is cracking down on unlicensed pet breeders and sellers. If you’re in the market for a pet, make sure that you only purchase one through a licensed breeder or pet shop, as numerous breeders who operate in the state are unregistered. Such people are violating the law, as one cannot sell pet animals without registration with the animal husbandry department.

The department also urges all pet owners to only purchase pets from licensed breeders, as unlicensed breeders sell not only dogs and cats, but animals such as tortoises, turtles, parakeets and parrots, which are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act and are illegal to sell and keep as pets.


Animals kept by unlicensed breeders often end up suffering; first as a result of being used for reproductive purposes, then their newborns are taken away well before the recommended age to do so. Pet shop owners and breeders will lose their operational licenses if they fail to register, which has to be done with the Maharashtra Animal Welfare Board in Pune.


Registration of shops and breeders is to be done in accordance with the previously mentioned Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Dr. Shailesh Pethe, Deputy Commissioner, Animal Husbandry, Mumbai said “Rules have been framed to prevent cruelty on animals and to ensure a healthy, disease-free pet”.

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