Chandigarh Considers Banning ‘Dangerous’ Dog Breeds

Chandigarh Considers Banning ‘Dangerous’ Dog Breeds


Chandigarh: An observable uptick in the number of violent attacks involving certain dog breeds has led the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC) to ponder a ban on keeping dog breeds deemed to be ‘dangerous’ as household pets.

“In light of past incidents of dangerous dog breeds attacking people, the MC is considering a ban on them. Different stakeholders and experts will be taken on board before any decision. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of dog owners to properly keep their pets on leash and take precautions so that there is no chance of dogs attacking any person,” said the MC commissioner, Anindita Mitra.

Cane Corso, Rottweiler, American Bull Dog, Alaskan Malamute, and American Pitbull’s are some of the breeds which are currently under consideration for prohibition. In 2022, Panchkula banned citizens from owning Pit Bulls and Rottweilers within city limits in the wake of numerous attacks by ‘dangerous breeds’ throughout the country.

The CMC has prepared a draft with revised pet dog byelaws which aims to control the current situation with respect to pet dogs. The current pet dog byelaws were initially introduced in 2010 and require an update after over a decade. More recently, the CMC has been receiving complaints regarding incidents of biting and aggression by certain dog breeds. “Changing one-time registration to annual for pet dogs is being considered”, said an official.

“For keeping a dog protected, the owner will have to keep it vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccine (ARV), DHPPiL, Corona, Kennel Cough vaccines and any other as may be prescribed from time to time by government veterinary practitioner or veterinary practitioner duly registered with Indian Veterinary Council or State Veterinary Council”, said the official. “With the passage of time, other vaccinations are required to keep a pet dog healthy and not just the rabies’ vaccine,” he further said.

In case a pet dog bites or attacks a member of the public, the owner will be liable to compensate the injured party. The CMC is also considering fixing the mandatory dog leash length at 1-2 meters. The proposal also says unregistered or aggressive dogs will be impounded on the spot.

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