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What Is Pet Microchip and Why is it Needed?

To transfer your pet domestically and internationally (export and import), you need to buy one of the pet accessories, a microchip for pets, as it is the only proof of identity that your pet can have while travelling to ensure its safe travel. It is necessary to ensure your pet is microchipped because if your pet gets lost, you won’t be able to find him/her without the microchip. The 15 digits non-encrypted ISO(International Organization for Standardization) 11784/11785 microchip is considered standard all around the world and is hence required to be implanted in your pet. It is mandatory for the quarantine officials to verify your pet according to the veterinary documents presented by you. If your pet has a nine or ten-digit microchip, you need to buy a microchip with 15 digits for your pet to clear the customs and pass the verification procedure for your pet to be transferred.

How are Pet Microchips Implanted?

Pet microchips are implanted through a veterinarian with the help of a quick injection which is just like a routine vaccination.
• The implantation of microchip varies from animal to animal.
– The dogs and cats receive the injection along the dorsal midline which is just between the blades of the shoulder.
– The Horses receive the injection along the left side of the neck which is almost an inch below the mane and midway between the poll and withers.
– The birds receive the implant in their breast muscles as they lack the bulk.
• Existing microchips need to be scanned prior to implanting a new one and the step takes 10 to 30 seconds.
• There is no requirement for anesthetics. The implantation procedure is swift.
• The skin of your pet is desensitized through a simple pinch that pulls the skin upwards until taut.
The needle is inserted by the professional.
• Putting in the final pinch makes sure that the microchip stays in place as the needle is withdrawn.
• The microchip registration forms can be completed with the help of the veterinarian or animal shelter personnel.
• After the process, avoid rigorous exercise or activity with your pet for 24 hours for the anti-migration coating on the microchip to bond to your pet’s skin.

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