International Pet Transport And Relocation

International pet transport is an onerous process, with a lot of things to take care of. The documentation involves a series of steps and is tiring; there are shipping restrictions that need to be considered, and the transportation is worrisome. With so many hardships, it is extremely daring to take up an act like that. But we at Carry My Pet are here to ease out your turmoil and help your pet reach you safely.

A pet is not just an animal that we adopt; it becomes a part of our lives the moment it enters our homes. And to take care of your family member, we do anything and everything needed. We provide door to door and airport to airport transfers of pets and make sure that they have a blissful journey just like we humans do.

Door-to-door: we collect your pet from the stated address in a pet taxi and take them to the airport help your pet board the flight. At the receiving end, we collect your pet from the cargo and take them safely to the destined location in a pet taxi.

Airport-to-airport: Book your movement with us and we will book your flights and your crates for you. We take care of your pet transfers from departure to arrival and you can be on the receiving end at the end of the transfer. Carry My Pet makes sure to fulfill all the needs of your pet during international pet travel.

Here are the documents that you need to keep handy for us to help you with the export procedure:

  1. The vaccination record of your pet, including rabies. (At least 30 days prior your travel)
  2. You need to have a proof that your pet is micro chipped.
  3. Photographs of your pet.
  4. Veterinary health certificate- at least 7 days before travel
  5. Government veterinary health certificate- from a vet authorized by the government of India.

With kennels numbered and labeled for your pet, we ensure that your pet reaches you safely. Our team is full of pet lovers and they make sure that there is nothing that your pet is uncomfortable about.

Safety being a major component, we also keep in mind that convenience is essential so that your pet is able to enjoy its transfer overseas. We keep sippers and water bowls next to your pet so that it doesn’t face any discomfort, along with an absorbing mat. We treat pets like little children and take utmost care of them. Choose Carry My Pet when it comes to choosing international pet transport for your beloved pet.

The pets have a microchip attached to them that explains their unique identity, to avoid confusion and ensure their safe and timely arrival. We, at Carry My Pet, an initiative of DBB Worldwide Private Limited make the process hassle-free. All you need to do is sit back and relax, while we transfer your pets to you, taking care of everything. With easy documentation, flight reservations, customs clearance, and home delivery, we provide the best international pet travel. So relax, as your pets are in good hands.

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