How Do You Read Your Pets’ Titer Results?

How Do You Read Your Pets’ Titer Results?

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The word ‘titer’ originally came from Latin and was used in the context of measurement of purity of a precious substance, such as silver or gold. These days, the word is used in the context of a test, i.e., a titer test. Such a test is usually employed to measure the concentration and number of antibodies in a specific blood sample.

For pets, a titer usually refers to a rabies titer test. This test is performed to measure the effectiveness of a recent rabies vaccine, and whether the level of antibodies developed is sufficient to ward off any potential future infections. A titer test result is one of the first things you’ll need to produce if you ever embark on international pet transportation, as most countries require your pet to be immunized against rabies and tested for the effectiveness of the protection.

How to Perform & Read the Results of a Test

The test is performed on a small blood sample taken from your pet. This sample is tested by dilution, after which the antibodies levels are measured.  The titer tests express this blood sample’s result in the form of a ratio; this ratio indicates how many times the sample can be weakened/diluted until there’s no traces of any antibodies. White titer tests are of many kinds for numerous different purposes, A titer test for pet animals typically means a rabies antibody test/rabies titer test.

This helps us test the number of antibodies your pet has developed, and whether the number is sufficient to prevent any future re-infections. A successful vaccination result should produce a ratio of at least 0.5 IU/ml, which is the level at which the vaccination is deemed a succeed and your pet is protected against the rabies virus.

Do remember to get your pet’s titer tested at least 30 days after their rabies shot. Also, you must wait for 3 months after the date of the blood sample was taken before you can embark on international pet transportation.

Why You Should Titer Test Your Pet

While titer tests can be more expensive than vaccinations, there are a few situations where it comes in handy. Here are a few of them:

  • If you’re a frequent traveler or looking to relocate to another country with your pet, you will require a rabies titer test.
  • If your dog is of unknown origin with nearly no vaccination records, a titer test can help evaluate which vaccinations they have, and which ones they still need.
  • If your pet is elderly or ill, a test can help you gauge their immunity against diseases.

Titer Tests are an important part of owning a pet, especially if you travel frequently. Carry My Pet specializes in titer testing, offering rabies titer test services for the comfort and convenience of our pet parents.

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