Domestic Pet Relocation Company: Interstate Pet Transportation Service in India


Pet relocation basically means transporting pets from one state to another, or one country to another. This service is taken when a pet parent is shifting his / her base because of job change or any other situation so to speak. This service is also used for other cases such as performing in dog shows. International Pet and Animal Transportation Association is the global industry body for pet relocation.


What Is Domestic Pet Relocation?

As the name suggests, Domestic Pet Relocation is relocating your pet across the country if the pet parent is moving their base for the new job opportunity, studies or home. Whatever be the reason, Carry My Pet provides pet relocation services to any part of the country. Our expert pet relocation team makes sure that your four-legged family member is transported safe and sound by curtailing all the hassle for you and your pet. In addition to that, we look after all the necessary certificates that stand in need of to free your pet of any health concerns. 


Interstate Pet Transport India

Relocating from one place to another is not at all easy, especially when you have a pooch to take care of. Carry My Pet understand how difficult it is to leave a family member behind and that is why we care about not just their safety, but also put a lot of emphasis on the timely and safe arrival. Relocating pets within borders is an exasperating task, as it involves a great deal of documentation which needs to be vetted and submitted, also being mindful of all the prohibitions. That is all the more reason that pet parents need to be careful while choosing the best pet transportation services and ensure hassle-free transportation of their pet.

Get door to door pet delivery pan India with pet friendly airports and Railway stations.

Pan India Network

Carry My Pet has the biggest network pan India to delivery any pet from one state to another.

Live Photos & Videos

You can track where your pet is with live photos and video shared by our pet travel executives.

Modes Of Transportation

Carry My Pet strives hard to reunite your four-legged baby with you wherever you are. Thus, we use all the three modes of transportation such as Flight, Train and Road Shipping.


Airway is considered to be the convenient mode of transportation as it is less time-consuming. Flying is also better for your pet since it involves less motion sickness as well as less anxiety building. Further, it is appraised to be the safest option statistically.

Indian Railways

You can also choose to relocate your pet via Train. Indian Railway allow pet parents to travel with their pet in First Class AC coaches. Tough Train is not a preferred mode if you are looking for a quick relocation of the pet as compared to Flight transportation.

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi is another important mode of transportation most commonly used for intercity and intracity movement of the pet. Ground shipping of pets should not be considered for long routes unless Flight and Train connectivity is not available for the destination.

Documents Required

Pet transportation requires certain paper work depending upon the type of transportation you choose for your pet. Travelling via Flight and Train Have different requirements but most of it is common.

Medical records are mandatory for relocating your fur baby in order to ensure immunity and past health records. This is necessary to meet any unanticipated challenges that the pet might encounter in foreign surroundings.

Moreover, a Fit to Travel certificate of your pet is also required, which needs to be produced 24 hours prior to travel by a certified vet.

If you want to travel with your pet via Flight which is also the fastest medium to relocate  your pet anywhere. You would require a pet crate.

In India

Pet Travel Cost


Factors that determine airways cost are majorly the size and weight of the crate with the pet; the destination you are traveling to; flight boarding charges and the clearing charges, and the freight charges range from 20-30K basis volumetric weight.


It is considered to be the cheaper mode of transportation as compared to others. It can range from 10-20K INR. Other than that, this mode of transportation is recommended for pets who have extreme separation anxiety or age, as pet parents can travel with the pet in the same coupe.

Ground Shipping

The cost of transporting your pet via road depends on the distance, which can cost somewhere around Rs 15 to 20 per km. This mode of transportation can be used if you need to get your pet transported from a village or a highly unconnected remote area.

Why Choose Us?

Carry My Pet being the number one pet relocation company in India and have done more than 6000+ transportations so far, we have a passable amount of experience to provide standard service and make your pet relocation within India a memorable experience. Keeping our success rate of safe pet transportation in mind, we as a brand have gained the trust of a lot of customers and continue to do so. It’s our utmost priority to make sure that your pet faces no problems during its journey or before that. Further, we take utmost care of your pet in case of flight delays.


Aside from that, our other services which complement Domestic Pet Relocation are pet – boarding, microchippingrabies titer test, and veterinary services to name a few.


In addition to that, we look after all the necessary certificates that stand in need of to free your pet of any health concerns. Further, we not only provide door-to-door and airport-to-airport transfer service, but also provide carriers (mandatory to relocate pets) for your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc, along with other containers and sippers, bowls, and food, so that your pet faces absolutely no nuisance.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can hire a pet relocation service to transfer your pet from one location to another. Carry My Pet offers domestic pet transfer services, so you can courier your pets in a convenient and safe manner.

An average domestic pet transportation in India can cost between Rs. 20000/- to Rs. 60000/- INR, depending on various factors. This service involves variables that are subject to change due to the size of the pet crate, or modes of transportation like flights, trains, and cars.

Three available modes of pet transport are by road, rail, and air. Air travel is preferred over longer distances, as it offers shorter travel times compared to the other options. Trains may also run for long distances, but these have a long travel time, which may not be ideal for your pet.

No, intercity busses do not permit pets to travel in them.

If you’re making the booking by yourself, you will need to submit an application with a form to the CPTM through the station master, obtainable here. Once submitted, you pay a security deposit alongside other charges. Your dog can travel in the brake van, or in the cabin along with you (in AC First Class and First Class only). Dogs are not permitted in other compartments.

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