Points To Consider Before A Long Distance Moving With Pet

Points To Consider Before A Long Distance Moving With Pet

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Moving with pets is an exciting, as well as, an intimidating task to accomplish by the parents. You will have to take care of the health of your pets before making a solid arrangement. It is stressful for you and your pet. The venture becomes even more confusing when your destination is in a foreign land.

The expert pet owners and pet relocation professionals suggest you make a list of things to be taken care of before starting the international pet travel.
Points to consider for international pet travel

Research regulations and laws

This is not a cakewalk. You will have to know the laws and protocols of the new place before you reach there. Learn well and abide by the laws so that you do not get fined. You will also have to make necessary arrangements before entering the international boundaries. Do your homework and find out the set of rules for owning a pet in a new place.

Do your packing beforehand

When you are packing your goods, you will also have to make a different compartment for your pet’s necessities. Remember that the only things familiar in a new place for your pet is his/her accessories such as bed, toys, utensils, etc. Make sure you pack them all and make your pet feel at home all the time. Do not wait for the last moment.

Vet talk

Get in touch with your vet and acquire the required health records and certifications that are needed in a foreign land. You will need to prove your pet’s wellbeing to the authorities before entering the boundaries. Arrange all the documents beforehand so that you do not have to face any trouble during relocation.

Pet identification update

Make sure that your pet identification accessories are up to date. Age, sex, breed, and other information should be updated properly. This is very necessary when you are not traveling with your pet at your side. It will also aid the authorities to find out your pet if anything goes wrong.

New location check

Once you have acquired a pet-friendly home, check the perimeters and the internal environment first. Find out any loophole. You do not want your pet roaming around in a new place. He/she might be doing it out of curiosity but might end up confused and lost at the end.

Proper security kit

If you are traveling somewhere in India, you will need a security and supply kit for your pet. Store a small amount of food, a few toys, and a cozy pet bed for your pet.

These are the important tips that will help you during your pet relocation within India and abroad. You can also hire a pet relocation service to make it easier.


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