Mumbai Pet Owners to Face Fines for Publicly left Feces

Mumbai Pet Owners to Face Fines for Publicly left Feces


Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced a fine of INR 500 for pet owners who are found leaving their pet’s excrement on the streets. Pet and animal waste poses a challenge to the cleanup and sanitation efforts of the city, and pet owners who are found disposing of this waste in an inappropriate manner will now be fined accordingly.

The BMC has allocated INR 1,700 Crores for the beautification and renovation of the city and its infrastructure. Foot paths, dividers, beaches, coastal promenade, gardens, walls, and heritage monuments all fall under the umbrella of the city’s infrastructure that will be beautified shortly. To aid these efforts, especially considering how pet excrement poses a problem regarding cleanliness and hygiene, the BMC has introduced the fine for non-attentive pet parents.

A tweet from the K-West Ward in Andheri West brought the INR 500 fine to the attention of pet parents, suggesting a stick-esque tool which will aid pet parents in the correct disposal of their pet’s waste. The officer of K west ward said, “Our intention is to keep the city clean. Pet owners must dispose of pet’s poop by any means.”

Given that it is proper decorum to clean up after yourself and your pet, pet parents are expected to cooperate with the beautification efforts, especially in light of the sum being spent on them, or risk being fined.

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