Jaipur Hosts Workshop to ‘Educate’ City’s Cat Owners

Jaipur Hosts Workshop to ‘Educate’ City’s Cat Owners

Jaipur-Hosts-Workshop-to-‘Educate’-City’s-Cat parents

Jaipur: Jaipur was host to a unique event on August 12, where a convention for pet cats was held in the city to celebrate the International Cat Day. While the International Cat Day fell on 8 August, the convention was held over the weekend to ensure more people could participate.

The crowd was comprised of pet enthusiasts and cat owners. Mariam Abuhaideri, an animal activist and one of the organizers of the event, said “Although there has been several events on dogs, an event on cats is unique. There has been no such effort to make cat parents aware of the well-be -being of the cats. Hopefully, post this event cat owners in the city would have much knowledge on grooming their beloved pet.”

The convention was organized as a fun and educational event, wherein cats were celebrated as friends and companions, and the attendees were educated on the healthcare of their feline friends. As a part of the convention, a panel of experts specializing in veterinary medicine and cat care shared their insights with the crowd of pet parents.

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