Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation: Follow Rules or Risk ₹10k Fine

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation: Follow Rules or Risk ₹10k Fine

BMC New Rules and Fine

Pet owners in the city of Bhubaneswar have been warned to stick to the guidelines for pet ownership issued by the Municipal Corporation, or risk paying a fine of up to ₹10,000 for violating them.

The BMC also announced the ban on commercial dog breeding and trading within the region under their jurisdiction.

Follow Rules or Risk Paying Fines

The BMC recently announced the implementation of the new rules and punishment for failing to do so. The rules are for the registration and proper control of dogs and are a part of by-laws 2023. The guidelines come as an uptick in dog-related accidents throughout the country; in Bhubaneswar itself, an eight-year-old boy was mauled in November 2022, leading to several injuries and a long road to recovery.

Under the new rules, pet owners will have to assume responsibility for the behaviour of pets in public spaces, comply with a thorough registration process, and always keep their pet on a leash.

“The breeding of dogs for commercial purposes and trading of dogs within the area of BMC will not be permitted. In case it is found that a dog is being kept for breeding or trading or commercial purposes by a person, the registration authority will impound such a dog besides imposing the fine as fixed by BMC Commissioner,” says the draft guideline.

“The owner of the dog shall not allow the dog to defecate in public places such as residential areas, green belts, parks, streets, roads, road berms and other common places. In case the dog defecates, the owner shall arrange to get the excreta of the dog removed from the said place at his own level,” it says.

Owners of pet dogs are to take their pets to secluded areas to relieve themselves, areas which residents and other members of the public do not visit or traverse. No pet owner is to allow their dog to poop near the homes of people.

Dogs deemed to be ferocious or dangerous will need to be always muzzled outdoors, and the person walking such dogs must always carry a stick. The pet owner will be held responsible and accountable and must provide compensation if their dog causes any harm.

“If the owner fails to comply with the order of registering authority and fails to keep his dangerous dog in proper control then Registering Authority may, in consultation with the veterinary department and local animal welfare organization, may order for taking to custody and subsequent action as per Dog Rule,” says the draft guideline.

Any dog owners found breaking the by-laws will be punished, with a maximum fine of ₹10,000 per day, which increases by ₹200 per day for a week at maximum for continuous violations.

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