Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Announces New Pet Rules

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Announces New Pet Rules

BMC new pet rules

Following a rise in dog-related accidents and issues in public, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced the formulation and implementation of a new set of rules for dog owners. The announcement comes in the wake of an increase in such accidents not just in the state capital, but throughout the country, with various regions accelerating their vaccination and sterilization drives to protect the public.

In a meeting at the BMC office, it was agreed upon that a detailed set of guidelines surrounding dog ownership will be issued and enforced in the city. Under the guidelines, all dogs being kept as pets will be registered with the BMC. Within the same conference, they also decided that the process of stray dog sterilization will be sped up, with vaccinations to be provided as well.

The daily target highlighted in the issued guidelines is 100 dogs sterilized per day, with the BMC’s mayor, Sulochana Das, announcing that a new veterinary hospital to be set up n Mancheswar to do the same.

“The control measures on pet dogs and stray dogs were discussed in the meeting. Violation of the fixed guidelines about keeping dogs and those who evaded fines were also part of the discussion,” said Das.

“We have started a new chip-based registration system in which the number of pet dogs and their owners in Bhubaneswar will be known. The chip will contain all details like the name and address of the owner.  As per the new rule, the owners will ensure hygiene and make sure that others are not getting disturbed because of their pet animals,” she added.

The new guidelines come in the wake of a fatal dog attack, where a five-year-old boy in Hyderabad was attacked by a group of stray dogs.

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