Bhubaneswar: BDA Plans First Pet Care Center

Bhubaneswar: BDA Plans First Pet Care Center

Bhubaneswar by BDA Centre

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Developmental Authority (BDA) has announced its plans for a pet center. Being the first of its kind, the center is expected to help pet owners with training, healthcare, and other animal related facilities.

The center is said to also have a healthcare space, a quarantine section, a dedicated pet training space outdoors, rooms for long-term and short-term stays, an adoption center, pet cafés, and stores for pet. accessories. Aiming to be a one stop location for everything to do with your pet, the center will also contain a pet crematorium and a geriatric center.

As required with a project of this magnitude, the BDA has invited firms who specialize in the pet care field for the design and conceptualization of the new, state-of-the-art center.

“The firm with expertise in the field will design the concept plan and support us in the execution of the project. It will undertake relevant research in the field and incorporate the best practices in the pet care development,” said Balwant Singh, BDA vice-chairman.

The firm for the center will be chosen based on their experience and the quality of their proposals. “We have requested the firm to supply information on developing such a pet care center for the city of Bhubaneswar,” another senior BDA official said.

Thanks to the changing nature of the family structure, more and more people are opting to keep a pet. “This has given a rise to the pet population. “These pet animals need proper care and attention which our center will provide,” the official continued.

The BDA has identified land in Jatni for the development of the pet care center, making sure the center gets all the space it needs.  “It is a very nice plan. Addressing the issues of the animals is also a part of city planning,” said Abhijit Sahoo of Peoples for Animal.

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