Things You Must Know When Travelling With a Pet in India

Things You Must Know When Travelling With a Pet in India


Are you planning to travel with a pet in india or want a trip with furry friend of yours? Yes, it can turn out to be an amazing one, and you also do not have to stress about how they must be doing without you. However, you should know that trains and planes were not built while keeping animals in mind and that is why the result is uncertain. In this case, you can take the help of several online companies that offer you safe Pet transport by air in India.

Traveling with the pet needs some major considerations. Irrespective of the transportation mode, its impact on the pet is never the same as on you. In India, the travel policies in different airlines for pets are often the same with slight variations. For instance, those pets that are not even 8 weeks old, as well as in some cases 12 weeks are not permitted to fly. Also, females with unweaned offspring or pregnant animals cannot accompany you on a flight.

Here is the list of some major points to keep in mind when you are traveling with your pet in India –

  1. Get the pet vaccinated, medically checked, or treated thoroughly before you opt for Pet transport by air in India, or by any other means for that matter.
  2. The need for pet visas is inevitable. Take toys, and common medications, etc., which are the personal favorites of the pets so that they are not bored while you travel.
  3. You should know and understand that pet quarantine is a great concern as there are plenty of diseases that spread from the pets and can assume epidemic status or are deadly. Make sure that your pet is safe.
  4. The Dogs transportation service in India strongly feels that dogs are comfortable when they are traveling with their humans and that is why it motivates people to travel/relocate with their dogs unless it is impossible to do so. Be it any pet for that matter, you must always consult the local vet just before your travel date as well as acquire the certificate of fit-to-travel.

In case you plan for relocation with your dog, you would surely like to choose the best Dog transportation service in India that can assist you to relocate as conveniently as possible. While transporting the innocent pet, you will take a lot of stress about her/his health and whether they are being properly taken care of or not, etc. However, if you hire efficient online pet relocation services, it will become a lot easier for you to relocate without having to worry about the pet.

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