Important Accessories for Your Cat

Important Accessories for Your Cat


Before getting home a new cat, the pet parent should ensure that all the important and necessary items are bought for the pet’s safe and comfortable homestay. After all your pet cat is your family. This list is useful for a first-time cat parent; in addition to making that vet appointment for vaccination and microchipping, it is necessary to cat accessories for your new pet cat’s day-to-day lifestyle, to inculcate good habits within them and provide stimulation as these are some of the very basic requirements to fulfill, once you own a cat, adult or kitten.

1. Cat Crate

  1. Required primarily during travel to carry your cat from one place to another, you can use these to keep your cats safe during a road journey or to relocate them via air as well.

  2. Generally, an IATA-approved crate is recommended to the pet parents since they comply with the criteria like enough breathing space for the cat to comfortably stand, sit, lie and turn inside the crate/kennel.

  3. This cage is made of sturdy material and not something light that can be torn off and scratched by the cat. This is a fiberglass pet carrier that is ventilated by mesh windows from all four sides.

  4. The locking system on the crate door provides just the right amount of accessibility to the cat thereby making them comfortable and safe.

2. Food and Water Bowls

  1. It is important to place the food and water bowls for the cat before their arrival. Make sure the bottom of the bowl is rigid to avoid the water getting leaked or food getting spilled.

  2. If you are adopting the kittens then ensure you buy shallow bowls. As for the growing or senior cats, an elevated diner with bowls can be bought.

  3. Remember to keep the food and water bowls away from the litter tray since cats do not like to excrete and eat at the same or extremely close locations.

  4. Clean the bowls every day to avoid any infection due to unhygienic bowls.

  5. Try to use non-tip stainless steel bowls instead of plastic bowls as the cats can develop a skin rash from plastic and if you are planning to buy ceramic bowls then ensure their glaze is lead-free.

3. Cat Food

  1. There is a range of cat food including dry food and wet treats that the cat parent can choose from.
  2. Based on the age of the cat and the history of the feeding patterns and food fed to the cat in a shelter, with the breeder, or at a pet store before you decided to adopt them also needs to be taken care of.
  3. For example, kittens might have a different diet than adult cats. While more easily digestible, nutrient-enriched food is required for kittens, the canned food is better for senior cats.
  4. If your cat thrives on dry food, try to supplement it with wet food as well.
  5. You can also consult the vet regarding the diet and supplements to be introduced in your cat’s diet.

4. Litter Box/Litter Tray including Litter

  1. There are a variety of litter trays for cats that one can choose from. Some are self-cleaning systems while others require manual cleaning.
  2. The kitten should be litter trained from an early age to avoid them from relieving anywhere in the house and cause unpleasantness.
  3. The automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are small hooded machines that give privacy to the cats during their ‘business.
  4. This machine also prevents the litter from being tossed out of the litter trays and filters the dirty litter after your cat has used the box.
  5. While the conventional plastic litter trays do not provide such improvised features, they serve well for the cat owners and the cats themselves.
  6. This simple option is cheaper in your pocket and is cat-friendly. Ensure that the litter box is as low as possible for your cat to enter it easily.
  7. While choosing the litter, you should go for the unscented, ultra-light, naturally clumping, that effectively controls odor, is dust and clay free, and cat-friendly that is liked by your cat and can go a long way in helping to train them on how to use the litter box.

5. Cat Beds

  1. Cats can fall asleep anywhere but they have one favorite napping spot that makes them feel safe and comfy.
  2. Their bed should be warm and soft inclusive of an inside pillow and should be easy on the cat parents’ pocket as well. The fabric of the bed should be easily washable.
  3. Make sure your pet cat’s bed is large enough to comfortably accommodate them and cozy enough to make them feel secure.

6. Scratching Pads

  1. While growing up, cats have an instinctive urge to scratch and they might take this out on cushions, curtains, or pillows in your house.
  2. To save your furniture from getting damaged, it is recommended to get a scratching pad.
  3. The scratching pad should at least be as tall as the cat so that they can have a good scratch while they are standing on their hind legs.
  4. If you have more than one cat, then there should be one scratching for each cat.

7. Collar ID with Tags

  1. This accessory is as important as getting your cat microchipped.

  2. Though cat microchipping serves the purpose of your pet cat’s safety, can reunite you with your pet in case they run away or get lost, or for records of national pet data and vaccination history, but collars with tags are also an essential accessory when it comes to their safety.

  3. Microchip helps in reuniting you with your cat in case they get lost and are found by an animal rescuer, vet, or just another human.

  4. But the question is that will they know your cat’s microchip history or know the process of rescuing them using the microchip?

  5. Hence to simplify the rescue process it is always helpful that your cat has a collar with the tag of their name, address, and owner’s contact details.

  6. Ensure that the collar fits in your cat’s neck, neither too loose to fall off or get stuck in a tree’s branch nor too tight to suffocate your tiny pet cat or disrupt their swallowing.

  7. The rule applicable to ease this is to leave room for two fingers to fit between the collar and the cat’s neck

8. Toys

  1. Most pets are jumpy and love to play and these cute little felines are no different.
  2. Provide playful toys to your cat like catnip rattle ball, fishing pole, stuffed toy animals like mice, birds, or fish since cats enjoy pouncing.
  3. Avoid giving your cats toys like small plastic or rubber balls, bells, or pom poms that they are vulnerable to swallow and choke upon.
  4. You can also look into buying a cat tree for your feline since cats love jumping on higher places or pedestals.
  5. Check the toys before buying and establish what is best for your cat’s safety while taking care of their entertainment.

9. Absorbing Mats

  1. These cat absorbing mats are used to either line the cages for cats during their travel or simply spread on the floor of your home for absorbing moisture so that your pet keeps dry.

  2. Such mats or towels have built-in pockets to ease the wiping of your cat’s paws and belly and keep them comfortable.

10. Odor eliminator/Air Purifier

  1. This spray should be handy when you are getting a new cat or kitten to your home especially when they are not accustomed to the new surroundings and have not been trained to use the litter box.
  2. Since untrained cats are susceptible to pee or poop anywhere, these sprays help take off the urine stains and unpleasant odor.
  3. This spray can be used on all surfaces and constitutes bacteria that activates only when in contact with ammonia crystals and hence it is safe to use around kids too.
  4. However, cat parents are advised to evaluate the safety of using this product in presence of infants and toddlers.

Apart from these top 10 important cat accessories, cat parents can also look out for cat grooming products like nail clippers to trim your cat’s overgrown nails to prevent them from getting hurt while playing, cat brush to remove off the loose hair, and hairballs formed.

Flea treatment can help your cat get rid of the fleas and ticks, dental care helps to keep their teeth and gums clean and strong, catnip sprays that can be sprayed on your cat’s bed, toys, litter box to attract them towards using these accessories, and invest in a cleaning aid like a vacuum cleaner for multi-purpose cleaning.

So next time you plan to adopt a cute little feline, make sure you refer to this shopping list for their heartwarming welcome to make them feel at home!!

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