Animal Shipping For All Your Pets

Animal Shipping For All Your Pets

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Owning a pet is a big responsibility; more than tending a human baby. When you have a pet, everything else takes a back seat. Pets make you realize that even though these non-human animals cannot speak like human babies as they grow but they can express a lot. They too have emotions and social acquaintances like humans. They are greatly conscious about moods and expressions of their pet parents. That is why; pet parents develop a strong connection with them in a very short span of time. Only those who pet animals can sense this bonding and experience this association. No matter what they plan, they will not like to dissociate from these lovely creations of God.

You inspire us

We, at Carrymypet ensure safe pet relocation within India and overseas. We completely understand the pain of those who want to relocate but are feeling insecurity and confusion for their honey bunch. We have learnt upsetting personal experiences from many that inspire us to help pet parents to ship all types of animals. We are fully prepared to take up this great challenge in the best interest of both you and your pet pals. We are a team of pet lovers who have earnestly colluded to achieve this seemingly problematic task; problematic mainly because of the tough rules & regulations involved and a list of documents to organised for the process. Our committed professionals know every single aspect involved in the international pet travel and take each to the completion stage.

We fully comply with the Regulations

Our team consists of specialists who interact with you to plan your documentation work and coordinate with concerned authority to clarify shipping process. There are different rules of compliance as per the type and breed of animal to be transported. Some regulations are specific to country of destination. Packaging of animal is an essential factor for consideration; as each animal has specific temperature/moisture/food requirements. It is our responsibility to connect with relevant authorities in the destination country to understand additional permits or licences for international pet travel for every animal so that every animal is transported with utmost humane care.

The more and more clients we relocated, we got a deeper understanding of issues that confront animal owners at the time of relocation. And with each connection, we are able to help the next one better. We provide animal shipping for all types of pets in accordance with the International policies and regulations so that your do not face any issues in either source or destination location. Contact us for shipping of your pet.

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