5 Things to Know About Moving Your Pets


Are you a pet parent worrying about moving your pet? Well, making your pet travel is quite difficult, because of airport customs and regulations. Also, traveling in a cargo doesn’t suit every pet as it can lead to anxiety issues and can affect the health of your pet. But when you move your beloved pet to another state or another country, it is imperative that you know everything, so that your pet experiences a hassle-free travel. Here are some tips to help you relocate your pet easily:

  1. Plan wisely – If you want to relocate your pet, start making arrangements well in advance so that there is nothing left for the last minute. It’s advised that you make your flight bookings a month before.

  2. Get a health checkup – Take your pet to a vet to get him checked so that there is no hassle during the customs clearance. Do not forget to get a health certificate made by your vet as proof that he is free of diseases.

  3. Get your tags – Make sure that your pet carriage/crate/cage/carrier/kennel has a tag on it bearing your name, contact number, and other important details, so that there is no confusion while boarding and de-boardin.

  4. No Activity – To reduce pet stress during the move, keep them in the most quiet place as possible.

  5. Check regulations – Always check the transportation conditions of the flight that your pet will be traveling in and the city or state he is traveling to, in order to avoid detention at the airport.

If you wish to have your pet to have a safe and comfortable travel, make sure that all your arrangements are up to the mark. So follow these tips and ensure a convenient travel for your pet.

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